With the holiday season in full swing, now’s the time to enjoy time spent with family and friends and, of course, eat delicious foods and treats. We know your plumbing system probably isn’t at the top of your mind, but it’s always important to remember that it’s putting in overtime while you’re having fun!

If you typically host holiday gatherings, your plumbing system is at risk for running into inconvenient and untimely issues. However, with the right preparation, you can avoid disaster and have a smooth, successful season of celebrations. Here’s what we recommend:

  1. Don’t throw everything in the sink!

If you’ll have more cooks in the kitchen than usual, you need to remind your extra hands what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal. Sure, small scraps and pieces of food are fine. But if you toss turkey grease, nuts, shells or stringy vegetables down the drain, you’ll end up with a broken disposal and a smelly sink!

Not sure what’s safe for your disposal? We created a laundry list of items that should stay in the trash.

  1. Keep your heater in mind.

With sinks on more frequently, the dishwasher running repeat cycles and the showers and washing machine having an increased workload, your water could end up quitting on you when you need it most. To avoid cold showers and complaints from your family, you need to make sure your heater is up for the task. If you can’t remember the last time you scheduled routine water heater maintenance, now is the time to get it done!

  1. Prepare your bathrooms.

Whether your home has a history of toilet troubles or not, it’s important to check all your toilets — especially any that see less use throughout the year. If you notice any issues during your inspection, now is the time to get a repair or replacement scheduled.

Over the years, the smooth glaze on the inner parts of the toilet becomes rough, causing waste to move through it less efficiently. Not only this, but if your toilet isn’t getting the right amount of water on each flush, it can easily clog up as well. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! We can replace the “guts” of the toilet or set you up with a shiny new one!

We also recommend putting a plunger in every bathroom that will be frequently used by guests, just to be safe.

Is your plumbing system prepared?

Whether you need to schedule routine maintenance or experience a late-night emergency, don’t worry! Our team is available 24/7 and has been serving families throughout the Greater Indianapolis area for over 30 years. When you give Justin Dorsey Plumbing a call, we’ll head your way as quickly as possible to diagnose and fix your issue so you can get back up and running for the festivities — with NO after-hours fees.