As the only source of water on your property, your well serves an incredibly important purpose. Like any other plumbing system, a water well system can experience its own set of complications that can have serious consequences when left untreated. If you own a well, you need to schedule regular maintenance with a trusted plumber to ensure the safety of your water and prevent the possibility of contamination, Here’s three reasons why you should schedule yearly water well maintenance:

  1. Ensures clean, safe water

If you use your water well for drinking, the quality of your water becomes a crucial consideration. Coliform and E. coli are two common types of water contaminants that can be harmful to the body, and well water is also prone to mineral buildup, dissolved solids and unbalanced pH levels. By completing routine well maintenance, you can test your water to ensure it’s safe for consumption.

  1. Prolongs the lifespan of the system

When you take care of your water well system, you prolong its lifespan. Water leaks, clogged minerals, low water levels, drying out, sediments and contamination can quickly deteriorate the condition of your well pump and shorten its working years. However, regular maintenance will prevent the common causes of a failing pump mechanism.

  1. Ensures the system is working efficiently and effectively

Regular inspections and maintenance keep your well system working at its best. There are multiple components to a working well system, which is why it’s crucial to call your local plumber for an inspection. They will ensure you have a good flow of water, the softener is working, the pressure tank and switch are balanced correctly and your water pressure is consistent.

Ready to schedule well maintenance?

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