Owning a well reaps many benefits, including crisp drinking water and low water costs.

However, wells require upkeep. And when standard maintenance and simple at-home fixes are ignored, it causes bigger problems down the road.

There are three simple things you can do to ensure that your well runs smoothly year-round, all of which require little-to-no labor from you!

Balance your pressure tank

All home wells have a pressure tank that dictates the water pressure throughout your home. An unbalanced pressure tank not only affects the pressure of the water in your shower; it can ruin your well pump in the long run. It’s important to check that your pressure tank is correctly balanced every so often to prevent future problems.

Fix leaks

Sometimes this is easier said than done. As soon as you notice a leak, get it fixed. Ignoring a leak or attempting a DIY fix will only cause more problems down the road. Corrosion, mold buildup, and potential electrical issues that form as a result of unfixed leaks will damage your well.

Monitor your water usage

You may not have noticed before, but certain areas of your property might be using an unnecessary amount of water. Doing half-loads of laundry, leaving the garden hose on for three days, or overwatering your grass are some of the factors that can cause well malfunctions.

By doing your part and using water responsibly, you not only save your well from potential damage, but you’re doing the environment a favor as well.

If you feel like your well is underperforming or might be experiencing a problem, give us a call today! We will send a team out to you as quickly as possible to diagnose and fix your issue.