Your home cannot function without a working plumbing system. It is easy to forget about how hard your plumbing system works and take it for granted until it starts malfunctioning. Serious plumbing emergencies in the Indianapolis area can happen when you least expect them, so it is important to have a plan in place to avoid panicking and making the situation worse.

Sometimes plumbing emergencies are less hectic than a bursted pipe or unexplained flooding. Hearing gurgling sounds or water flowing through your pipes, smelling gas or sewer odor, or noticing a serious drop in your water pressure are all signs you will need help from a plumber.

By following our six simple steps, you can confidently navigate your plumbing problems and request the emergency plumber in Brownsburg you need.

  1. Shut off your water

Before any other action is taken, you need to shut off your water supply. The location of the main shutoff valve varies in every home, so it is important to know where it is to avoid wasting time searching for it when disaster strikes. Most homes in the Indianapolis area have a main shutoff valve located against an interior wall near the front of the house. It is also possible for the shutoff valve to be located outside in a covered box near the end of your property line. If you cannot find it, plumbers in Indianapolis are experienced with locating main shutoff valves for families and would be happy to help.

If the plumbing problem is coming from an isolated source like a toilet, you can shut off the valve behind the source first before shutting off your entire water supply.

  1. Turn off your water heater

If you shut off your main water supply, you need to turn off your water heater. Water heaters can overheat and burst if your water is shut off and the heater is still running. There should be a temperature dial in the front of your water heater towards the bottom that will turn off the system.

  1. Call a plumber

If you do not already have a go-to plumber, it is advisable to have one on standby for emergency moments. We recommend choosing a company that offers 24-hour emergency plumbing in Indianapolis for any plumbing repairs that need to be completed outside of standard business hours. At Justin Dorsey Plumbing, we’re proud to answer around the clock calls at any time. Whether you contact us on a major holiday or at 3 a.m., we will quickly dispatch a technician to your home for immediate repairs — with no overtime, after-hours or weekend fees.

  1. Clear the area

Water can cause serious damage very quickly. Your next step of action should be unplugging and moving any electronics, including appliances, in the problem area out of the way. If time allows, we recommend moving furniture, rugs and toys as well to prevent severe water damage. After repair services are completed by a plumbing company, ensure all water is dried up before you plug in and use any electronics again.

  1. Open outdoor spigots

Even after your main water supply it turned off, it is possible for water to remain in your pipes. It’s always a good idea to open your outdoor spigots to drain any excess water and prevent further damage until your emergency plumber in Greencastle arrives. Flushing the water outside will keep water from building up indoors and causing costly damage.

  1. Clean what you can

Now that you’ve done everything you can while you wait for your plumber, you can begin to soak up any excess water in the area. Quickly assess the area and make sure it is safe to do so before you start. Not only does this minimize water damage, it will also make it easier for the plumber to get to work. You can use buckets, towels, sponges and mops to soak up water or towels and rags to keep water inside leaking pipes contained. Any small leaks can be tended to by placing buckets underneath the source of the leak to collect water droplets or covering the cracks with duct tape. If electrical outlets are free of water damage, you can use spare fans to dry out the area and prevent mold growth.

Dealing with a plumbing emergency can be stressful, but having a plan in place will allow you to stay calm and prevent further damage while you wait for your plumber. Once they arrive on the scene, be sure to direct them to the emergency site and point out any other small leaks or problem areas. If you are searching for 24-hour plumbing services in Indianapolis, look no further than Justin Dorsey Plumbing! Our team is available day or night, and will come right away to inspect, diagnose and fix your problem so you can get back to your usual routine. Every Justin Dorsey Plumbing technician is experienced and highly trained in emergency services and will know exactly how to handle your problem, regardless of severity. We’d love to help keep your family’s water flow safely and efficiently again!