Every time you take a sip of clean, fresh water, you can thank carbon for the lack of debris and toxins in your water. That’s right, carbon. This essential medium is utilized in almost every type of filter for your water system, no matter what kind you use.

How it Works

Carbon filters, as their name suggests, are comprised of the material carbon. The carbon source can be from a number of things, including peat, coconut shells and bituminous coal. Carbon filters get rid of contaminants through a process called adsorption. Much like a magnet, the junk you don’t want in your water is attracted to the carbon and clings to it. This rids the water of the yucky stuff and leaves it cleaner, purer and fresher for consumption and use.

One type of carbon filter is a Granular Activated Carbon filter, or GAC. The GAC is comprised of loose carbon particles that allow water to flow freely while still attracting contaminants. The other type of carbon filter, the carbon block filter, has carbon particles that are pressed together in order to form a filter. Both options clean the water using carbon, just in different ways.

Most, if not all, water filtration systems utilize carbon filters to clean the water. Yours need to be changed regularly to ensure fresh, healthy water. That’s where Justin Dorsey Plumbing comes in. Our experienced team of licensed, professional plumbers has the knowledge and skills to properly change your water filtration system carbon filters. Our track record of success means you can rest assured knowing you’re getting the highest quality work for your money. Plus, we’re available on your time, with extended hours and someone always available to take your call. Contact Justin Dorsey Plumbing for your carbon filter needs!