Choosing a commercial plumbing company for your commercial property can be quite tricky. You might be wondering, “What is commercial plumbing?” It basically means plumbing for a commercial property vs a residential one. A reliable commercial plumbing system is extremely important as plumbing issues can cause disruptions in business for many business owners. It’s best to find a reputable commercial plumbing contractor to have one hand for maintenance and installation of your commercial plumbing system. We’ve compiled a list of what to look for when hiring contractors, so you don’t have to stress when you begin your search.

Get Reviews

Before you hire any contractor, be sure to gather recommendations from friends and family. They will provide you with invaluable information on different companies so you can make a more informed decision about who you want to hire. While speaking with contractors directly is great and should be done, recommendations give you inside information into how the contractors work and any challenges you might encounter while working with them. Don’t forget to ask about customer service experiences, as the way the team handles customers is important if you decide to become a client.

If you can’t find any personal recommendations, start by reading online reviews. Past clients often post both the positive and negative experiences they had when working with a plumbing contractor. You can use this information to help you determine whether or not a contractor is a good fit for your project.

Check for Licensing

All plumbing contractors should be both licensed and insured. The license states they meet the standards in your area with their work. Ensure you verify that the person you choose to work with has a valid license and is able to do work in your state. You also want to ensure that the team you are working with has insurance before they begin the project. This will protect you from any injuries or damage that occur through the duration of the project. If the contractor you are interested in working with fails to provide either of these pieces of information, it’s best to find someone else to work with.


Commercial plumbing and residential plumbing are not the same. Residential plumbing tends to be on a much smaller scale and residential plumbers often repair different issues than commercial plumbers. It is important that the contractor you work with has done work in a commercial setting previously.

Commercial plumbing contractors work with much larger equipment and are knowledgeable about different types of systems than residential plumbers. Commercial plumbing systems are more likely to experience wear and tear at a faster rate than residential plumbing systems and commercial plumbers might see problems that residential plumbers are unfamiliar with, so experience is crucial. A plumber who has worked with both residential and commercial clients is the ideal candidate because they have expertise in both areas.

Services Provided

When choosing a contractor for your project, go with a team that offers multiple commercial plumbing services. A contractor that is able to do installation of a plumbing system as well as maintenance is important. This means they will be able to fix any problems that might arise over time as well as provide regular checks of the plumbing system. This is crucial for a commercial plumbing setting because issues are bound to arise from a high traffic system.

Choose the Right Commercial Plumbing Contractor

Choosing a commercial plumbing contractor is a decision that should not be rushed. Take the time to research and assess your options. Request quotes, evaluate credentials, and consider the factors mentioned above to make an informed decision.

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