The holidays are finally here! While we’re all eagerly awaiting the great family, friends and of course, the food, it’s important to remember who’s working the hardest while we’re enjoying ourselves: your plumbing system!

With more guests in the house than usual, it’s very possible for your plumbing to run into some untimely issues. Luckily, we’ve outlined a few common ones that we see during the holidays and how to avoid them.

Prepare the Bathroom

Think about the last time your toilets had trouble. Is clogging frequent? Does one bathroom have more issues than others? It may be time to repair or replace that toilet. Whether your home has a history of bathroom problems or not, it’s also important to keep a plunger handy in every bathroom that’s going to be under frequent use.

Over the years, the smooth glaze on the inner parts of the toilet becomes rough and the waste no longer moves through it easily. Not only this, but if the toilet isn’t getting the right amount of water on each flush, it can easily plug up as well. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered! We can replace the “guts” of the toilet or set you up with a shiny new one!

Keep the Heater in Mind

With sinks on more frequently, the dishwasher running repeat cycles and the showers and washing machine having an increased workload, it’s no surprise your water heater may give up when you need it most. To avoid the whole family having to deal with cold showers, try to remember when your last routine water heater check-up was. If it’s been a while, consider getting it done before the guests arrive!

Don’t Throw it in the Sink

While there’s more cooks in the kitchen than usual, keep in mind that not everyone may know what can and cannot go down the garbage disposal. With most of the smaller scraps and pieces of food, your garbage disposal will be perfectly fine. However, things like turkey grease from the beautiful dinner you made, nuts and shells, and worst all the dreaded potato peel, should be thrown in the trash.

If a plumbing emergency happens to you this holiday, don’t worry! Give Justin Dorsey Plumbing a call! Our team is available 24/7 and will come to you as quickly as possible to diagnose, fix your issue and get you back up and running for the festivities — with NO after-hours fees.