Fast, effective plumbing when you need it most

If you’re facing a plumbing issue that needs to be fixed ASAP, you need to call in an emergency plumber. Sometimes, you might not be sure if your problem is technically an emergency. If you’re dealing with any of these plumbing problems, it’s time to call in for reinforcements.

If you are dealing with any of the following issues, call Justin Dorsey Plumbing. With 30 years of experience and the expert skills to handle all of your emergency plumbing needs, we can get you fixed up no matter what time of the day it is!

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  • Burst Pipes

If a pipe bursts in your home, whether from freezing in the winter or from some other issue, gallons of water can start pouring into your home quickly. This can lead to serious damage. Shut off your main water supply if a pipe bursts, then call an emergency plumber as soon as possible.

  • Broken Water Heater

A simple issue of the water being too cold or too hot is probably not emergency-worthy, but certain sounds or signs could indicate that you have a more serious problem on your hands. Gurgling or clanking sounds coming from the water heater can mean that mineral deposits are in the tank. A foul odor or strange color of your water could also be the cause of a problem that requires a quick visit from your local plumber.

  • Toilet Overflowing

If water is coming out from your toilet, versus going down, it’s time to shut off the water and call a plumber! This can indicate a pretty serious clog and can lead to damage in your home, so it’s important to get the issue taken care of as quickly as you can.

  • Washing Machine Hose Leak

Did you know broken washing machine hoses are one of the most common water-related insurance claims? Dripping or pooling under your washing machine is a sign that your hose has a leak. This can spread water damage very quickly through your home, so contact a plumber immediately.

  • Clogged Sewer Line

A clog in the main sewer line can have severe consequences. This can be caused by flushing things that shouldn’t be flushed, like baby wipes, or from a tree root. If you notice that multiple drains in your home are clogged, there’s gurgling sounds coming from your plumbing fixtures, or there’s pooling around basement drains, it’s time to call in a professional!