Just like everyone on your block likes their thermostat set at a different temperature—let’s not even get started on the temperature disparities between people living in the same household!— not everyone likes the same water pressure, either! One homeowner’s, “This water is barely flowing!” is another neighbor’s, “Why is the water coming out so fast?!”

If you’re currently under pressure trying to figure out what’s going on with your home’s water pressure, or you just want to head off in any issues in the future, read on for our most frequently asked questions about well water pressure and a few tips and tricks to keep your pressure right where you want it.

Ideal water pressure for a home is somewhere between 30 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Most well pumps today have pressure regulators that set the psi between 40 and 60. Constant pressure pumps can be set at 70 and stay at 70psi so that there is no fluctuation in pressure, making well water pressure much more tolerable.

Your water system should have a pressure gauge so you can check your water pressure.

Has your water suddenly gone from flowing just right to barely trickling? Most of the time, this is because of a flow restriction somewhere, not a pressure problem. If you notice that there is poor water pressure throughout the entire home, the house filter may need to be changed. Water softener may also be a solution to poor flow, as you may have debris and build-up causing a clog

If these fixes don’t work, the pump may be to blame. Call in an experienced plumber from Justin Dorsey Plumbing to get things flowing smoothly again.

Well water systems don’t have to add up to poor water pressure! When you work with our expert team at Justin Dorsey Plumbing, we ensure your well pump is functioning in tip-top shape, so you get the ideal pressure for your home. Contact us today for all of your well servicing needs!