When it comes to kitchen cleanup, garbage disposals are lifesaving as they help remove smelly food waste and leftovers that would otherwise end up in the trash. They work by grinding the food items into fine particles so you can easily flush them out by running cold water into your sink. The particles are then carried out of your home via plumbing waste pipes.

A garbage disposal, when used correctly, can also help:

  • Save time on cleanup
  • Eliminate kitchen odor
  • Produce less trash
  • Reduce pipe leaks

What is the best garbage disposal for me?

The best garbage disposal for your home depends on the kind of food waste you’ll be disposing of, your budget and how much room you have under your sink. Disposals are available in different motor sizes (from 1/3 HP to one HP). The higher your HP, the higher the unit’s capability to grind food waste into finer particles and give you fewer jams.

Garbage Disposals Installation & Repair

This popular household convenience can quickly become a huge hassle when clogged or jammed. It’s important to ensure that the unit and its plumbing are in good condition to prevent backups or kitchen drain clogs.

If you want to repair the issues with your garbage disposal, clear clogged disposal or learn more about garbage disposals and how you can have one installed, contact Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Our experts can help guide you in your decision on the best garbage disposal for your home and offer repair and skilled installation for whatever type of garbage disposal you choose.