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Common Holiday Plumbing Problems & How to Avoid Them

The holidays are finally here! While we’re all eagerly awaiting the great family, friends and of course, the food, it’s important to remember who’s working the hardest while we’re enjoying ourselves: your plumbing system! With more guests in the house than usual, it’s very possible for your plumbing to run into some untimely issues. Luckily, […]

3 ways to keep your well flowing smoothly

Owning a well reaps many benefits, including crisp drinking water and low water costs. However, wells require upkeep. And when standard maintenance and simple at-home fixes are ignored, it causes bigger problems down the road.

Look for in a Plumber

What Should You Look for in a Plumber?

How can you find a plumber that’ll help you keep your home running, without nickel and diming you? Some important features to look for include: Experience A plumber who has been around for a year or so is most likely not as up to snuff as one who has many years of quality service under […]

Well, Well, Wells… And Septic Systems, Too!

From our Hendricks County home of more than 30 years, Justin Dorsey Plumbing proudly serves across Central Indiana — including many rural communities and homes reliant on private wells and septic systems for their family’s water treatment needs.