Water running slow? Drains backed up? Your residence may have a serious blockage in the sewer line. No amount of liquid drain clearing solution (which you should never use!) can get rid of this kind of clog. Whatโ€™s a homeowner to do?

Jetting just might be the solution if consistently clogged pipes are getting you and your family down.

Jetting is a process that involves using high-pressure hydro jets to blast debris and gunk from your pipes, clearing them quickly and via non-invasive means. A professional, licensed plumber will first need to inspect your plumbing system to determine of jetting is the key to your clear pipe success. If deemed necessary, the plumber will use a hose that powers 20 gallons of water per minute through the pipe, forcing the blockage out.

Severe, recurring clogs often require hydro-jetting to get the job done, versus less effective methods like plumbing snakes and plungers.

Jetting should only be done by an experienced, highly skilled plumber. Amateurs should not attempt, as they could cause even more damage and more costly repairs. Jetting is also not effective if root infestation is the source of the water blockage.

If slow, backed-up drains are getting you down, contact Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Our licensed plumbers have extensive training and experience with jetting, as well as the knowledge to know when this service is actually helpful. We also offer 24/7 assistance if needed. Call Justin Dorsey Plumbing for pipe jetting services today!