The pipes in your home are an essential part of your home’s plumbing system. Although the pipes in most plumbing systems are designed to last for years, the time eventually comes when they need to be repaired or replaced. This process is called piping and repiping. You may require a whole home repiping when a leaky pipe is severely damaged, and simple repair would not fix the issue. If you notice any of the following issues in your home, it may be time to bring in an expert:
  • You live in an older home: If you live in a home that is 50+ years old, you may need to repipe your plumbing system if it hasn’t been done already. Pipes found in homes built in or before 1970 have an increased tendency to burst or corrode. Don’t wait until the disaster strikes! Call a plumber to inspect your pipe condition.
  • Visible corrosion: If you notice a pipe with a visible sign of corrosion, you need to replace it as soon as you can. Corroded pipes shouldn’t be ignored as they can spring leaks and lead to floor or wall stains.
  • Leaking pipes: You can repair a leaking pipe. However, if one pipe in your home is leaking, the chances are that others will also start leaking soon. If pipe leaks start becoming a common occurrence in your home, it may be time to repipe your home. This project may be costly, but you will save time and money by avoiding regular repair fees in the long run.
  • Low water pressure: If you experience low water pressure even after a plumbing drain cleaning, it may be time to repipe your home. Due to rust and the natural buildup of minerals, a drain cleaning cannot stop your pipes from aging.
  • Smelling or bad-tasting water: If your home’s drinking water starts tasting different or smelling, you need to bring in a plumber. Smelling or bad-tasting water is a sign of corroded pipes that needs a replacement.
  • Red or brown water: If you experience red or brown water coming out of your plumbing fixture, it could be a sign of rust. Rust is a sign of corroding or aged pipes reaching their expiry period.
  • Extremely low temperatures: If your pipes are exposed to extremely low temperatures for an extended period, there’s a good chance that your pipes will freeze and burst if they are not properly maintained before the winter season.

Not sure whether to repair or replace your pipes?

Pipes, especially those in older homes, require extra care to preserve the home’s integrity. If you suspect an issue with your plumbing system, there is no time to waste. Even a tiny leak can extensively damage the floors, walls, and foundation of a property if it is not addressed.

Fortunately, the professional plumbers at Justin Dorsey Plumbing are always available to save the day! Our licensed and experienced plumbers can inspect your pipes, identify the issues and recommend options in repairing your pipes. If your pipes are beyond repairs, we will help you make informed decisions in repiping your homes with the most suitable materials.