Backed by a reputation earned over more than 30 years of dependable, reliable service, Justin Dorsey Plumbing is proud to serve the Lebanon community and homes, businesses and more throughout Boone County:

  • Churches
  • Bars & Restaurants
  • Hospitals, Doctor’s Offices & Healthcare Facilities
  • Dentist’s Offices
  • Grocery Stores
  • Manufacturing Centers
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Retail Tenant Build-Outs
  • Multi-Family Homes & Rental Properties

We know plumbing problems are a hassle. You may even want to cry, pull your hair out or just give up. Instead, let Justin Dorsey Plumbing get your plumbing back to 100% with fast, friendly and high-quality service for all your residential and commercial plumbing needs.

Stop flushing money down the drain. Justin Dorsey Plumbing is here to serve Lebanon families and those experiencing plumbing problems in a moment’s notice.
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