When’s the last time someone looked at your plumbing system?

We often don’t think much about our plumbing system—until something breaks. Plumbing is one of our most heavily used and important modern conveniences, and small problems can often lead to larger consequences if left unchecked.

That’s why plumbing inspections are vital to the health of your entire plumbing system.

Many DIYers try to save a buck by conducting their own plumbing inspections. As a homeowner, it’s important for you to stay on top of any issues, so doing your own routine maintenance is great. But it’s also important to have a professional plumber conduct a thorough plumbing inspection on a regular basis as well.

What is a Plumbing Inspection?

A routine plumbing inspection is when a professional plumber gives your system a thorough look through to ensure that all is functioning smoothly. This should be done at least once a year. Your plumber will:

  • Look at the outside of the home for any signs of a sewer pipe back-up.
  • Check for obstructions at sewer clean out locations.
  • Inspect exposed pipes for leaks.
  • Check for any water damage behind appliances or under sinks.
  • Inspect for corrosion in pipes.
  • Ensure that the water pressure is calibrated correctly.
  • Inspect the water heater and flush
  • Check draining speeds in sinks and tubs.

Give your home’s plumbing a yearly checkup, and you can avoid serious headaches down the road.

When you need a professional, expert plumber to do a plumbing inspection in your home, call Justin Dorsey Plumbing. With decades of experience, our expert plumbers can ensure that your plumbing system is running smoothly.

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