For more than 30 years, we have offered fast, friendly and dependable plumbing services to Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, including well pump services.

The pump is the heart of your well system and is essential to the success and overall performance of your well.

Knowing the basics surrounding pumps will help you identify potential problems while also enhancing the life and efficiency of your well.

Lifespan of a water pump

Any pump installed by a certified professional will last you many years, with the average being 10-20 years. However, we’ve pulled out pumps that are 40-year-old pumps before! Multiple factors affect how long your pump will last, including usage, type of motor, how it’s installed and the pump type. With the correct information, you will be able to better identify the condition of your pump and if it needs replacing.

Recognizing signs of a bad pump

From our plumbing experience, the two biggest problems that lead to early failure with water pumps are the pressure tank balance and dry runs.

Dry running occurs when a pump operates without an adequate amount of liquid. This can create a surge in pressure, flow, or overheating, which then causes pump failure. Likewise, out-of-balance pressure tanks can cause pump cycle on and off too frequently and then lead to failure in your home.

It is difficult to notice a pump going bad if you’re not a plumbing professional. Instead of examining the pump, you should look for other issues within your home.

Do you hear a clicking or see dramatic pressure swings in short periods of time?

Have you noticed temporary water loss or low water pressure everywhere around the house?

Has your electrical bill been a little higher than usual?

These can be some indications that your pump may not be running as efficiently.

Prolonging the life of your water pump

Regular maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your water pump running smoothly! Once a year, you should have a professional come and do routine servicing on your well system to ensure that there are no underlying issues.

If you notice issues that you can’t fix, or you want to ensure you are getting the most out of your water well, call Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Our technicians are experienced, highly trained and have serviced countless wells throughout Central Indiana. We’d love to help keep your family’s water flowing safely and efficiently!

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