What is a rooter, and does your plumbing needs a rooter service?

A rooter is generally known as a drain cleaning machine. The term “rooter service” comes from the problem the device is used to fix: plant root invasions and other materials blocking plumbing or sewer lines.

Sam Blanc and his son Milton invented what is now called the “plumbers snake” using roller skate wheels and a washing machine motor after being disturbed by a clogged drain in their apartment. While this original design is no longer in use, its conception led to the effective clog remover and drain cleaning technique still in use today to address stubborn drain and sewer line clogs.

Before the invention of the plumber snake, you have to dig up your yard to find and fix the issue with your clogged toilet or pipes. Today, it is used in many rooter service visits as an efficient way to solve the problems of slow and clogged drains but without the hassles of digging. Plumbers may also use the tool with hydro-jetting and root-killing chemicals to tackle serious drain clogs that cause complete sewage backups or poor drain performance.

Additionally, a rooter service may also include repiping or pipe repair when pipes are damaged or corroded, leading to clogs, leaks, and other drainage issues. If you think you’re facing a serious clog or drainage issue that needs to be addressed by an expert, schedule an appointment for professional rooting service and drain cleaning from a reliable company like Justin Dorsey Plumbing.