Service Plan

Why do you need a service plan?

Maintenance is a key component in keeping your plumbing systems running smoothly. Like cars that need regular oil changes and tune-ups, plumbing systems need regular inspections to keep them running smoothly. Regular inspections can extend the life of your plumbing system and identify small problems (like leaks) before they result in costly repairs and/or higher energy bills.

At Justin Dorsey Plumbing, we offer a service plan that will help keep your appliances working well for years to come.

Service plan includes:

✓  12% discount on labor for repairs

✓  Preferred status for first-in-line appointments

✓  Annual inspection which includes:

  • Checking all supply connections to each fixture
  • Inspecting and setting water heater temperature
  • Examining flue gas expulsion
  • Checking and cleaning burner box of the gas water heater
  • Testing basement sump pump
  • Inspecting toilets for leakage, flapper, and fill pump
  • Checking inside faucets for leakage, lime build up, aerators
  • Inspecting outside faucet, hose hookups
  • Inspecting drainage system
  • Inspecting water filtration or conditioner
  • And more!

Talk to your technician today about the Service Plan and becoming a preferred customer. Then enjoy peace of mind.