Do your sewer lines need attention?

Unfortunately, like every system created by humans, sewage lines occasionally get clogged, and the system stop functioning optimally. That’s when you need an experienced and licensed plumber to perform sewer repair or cleaning. Some tell-tale signs that show you it’s time to schedule a sewer line repair or replacement to keep your home safe include:

Strange smells around your property: Sewage smell is very distinct. However, it’s not always easy to detect when it’s coming up through your home. When sewer lines are in good shape, the odor stays in the line. But when you start to notice smells around your home, especially around the drains, the chances are that your sewer line is damaged.

Gurgling noises from your toilets: Every toilet produces a sound when you flush them. But when no one is using them, they shouldn’t make a noise. If you notice sounds like gurgling noises, bubbles coming up into your toilet bowl, or hear the water running, your sewer line is damaged and shouldn’t be ignored. If left unaddressed, you’ll end up with a major sewer problem.

Your drains are not draining properly: This is often a sign of a clog. Unfortunately, removing the clog with chemical drain cleaners or a DIY approach puts the rest of the system at risk for damage and won’t fix the issue. The only surefire way to fix the problem is to call an experienced professional.

The lawn is greener: Sewage can make a patchy lawn supper green and look incredibly lush. While you may appreciate the looks, you could have a major sewer issue lurking underneath the ground. Pay close attention to your lawn. Do you notice patches where they are greener than anywhere else or an area with more plants popping up without added fertilizer? If yes, call a plumber to check things out.

Mold or mildew growth on walls: Damaged pipes and sewage lines can increase the humidity in your home, and that can result in mildew or mold growth on your walls. Discoloration and strange colors spreading on walls could also be an indication of a damaged sewer line.

Increase in pests: Mice, rats, termites, and cockroaches love the smells and dampness of the sewer. If you notice an increase in (or an infestation with) these pests around your home, you may have a sewer line issue.

Sewer back up: If your toilet starts backing up with raw sewage or clear water when you flush it, you have a clog in your sewer line. Exposure to sewer gas and raw sewage can be dangerous to you and other home occupants. Turn off the water supply and call a professional immediately.

Whether your sewer line issue is caused by stone soil or plant roots penetrating the pipes, sagging pipes, aged and off-grade pipes, or cracked and broken pipes, a knowledgeable plumber from a company like Justin Dorsey Plumbing can diagnose the problem and perform appropriate repairs. The trenchless repair method is often preferred amongst homeowners due to the minimal disruption it creates to property surfaces. Nevertheless, our licensed and experienced plumbers will inspect your property and determine whether you need some excavation or if sewer line replacement or trenchless repairs will do the trick.