A water heater replacement may not be the first thing on your mind right now, but it may prove to be the most important thing you consider this year!

Consider this scenario: you’re getting ready for work on a chilly morning and want to take a shower with warm, soothing water. When you switch on the shower, however, you are greeted with ice-cold water. It won’t only be your morning shower that will be affected by the lack of hot water. Everyday chores such as laundry and dishwashing may be impossible to do. Worse, you might not have enough hot water to cook a pleasant, warm meal.

Buying a hot water heater is a significant purchase to contemplate, but one that will make a significant difference in your house and family right away. These differences will not only help keep your water warmer, but will help you save some money each month on utility bills. Don’t find yourself without hot water! Consider these tips and insight to help you determine the best water heater choice for your Indianapolis home:



  • Your water heater is over 8-12 years old
  • You are moving into a new home and want a water heater that will meet your heating needs.
  • Hot water is polluted and poses a significant health risk.
  • There are problems such as corrosion, leaks, and cracks.

It is time to contact a trusted Indianapolis area plumber, like Justin Dorsey Plumbing, and to discuss water heater options.


Justin Dorsey Plumbing has a wide variety of water heaters to choose from to ensure you get exactly what you need. Water heater replacement can help you enjoy endless hot water quickly, lower energy bills and keep your home functioning smoothly…but you want to make sure you choose the right option!

These are the top factors to consider before installing a water heater for your home:

Hot Water Needs: What is the primary use for hot water in your household? Everyone in their home requires hot water, but all hot water needs are different, so it’s important to determine what you will use your hot water the most for. What is the total number of plumbing fixtures in your home? How many people reside in your home? Before you do anything else, think about your specific hot water requirements. The more you know about what you want from a new water heater, the clearer your route will become.

Type of Water Heater: 2022 is a beautiful time to be alive, and be a homeowner. Homeowners are blessed to have a wider range of water heating models at your selection including: tankless, solar, indirect, and more. A tankless water heater, for example, has a 96 percent efficiency rate and may save you $100 per year in running costs, but it has a greater installation cost than other types. As always, it is important to realize everything has its advantages and disadvantages. Justin Dorsey Plumbing is here to help you not only in your water heater installation, but also to help you choose what works best for your budget and home needs.

Water Heater Size: The size of the water heater and the amount of hot water you require frequently go hand in hand. Before any installation work begins, your contractor should take measurements and check your property to ensure that your selected option will fit inside the physical area available. Choosing the incorrect water heater size can result in inefficient energy use, a higher likelihood of water heater replacement, and a general shortage of hot water that will not suit anyone’s demands.

Energy Efficiency: Are you fed up with high utility bills? If that’s the case, you’ll want to think about the new water heater’s efficiency rating. For example, a great way to cut down on energy costs while being able to acquire hot water for all of your needs is by using solar water heaters. Solar water heaters utilize less fuel to heat water, resulting in hot water that saves you money and helps the environment.

Fuel Type: Gas and electricity are the most prevalent sources of fuel for water heaters today, while some contemporary water heaters are fueled by solar energy or propane. When considering replacing your present water heater, it’s crucial to think about the fuel type and what your home currently operates on for proper and optimal functionality.


While hot water is necessary at all times of the year, especially in the Indiana area, you should ensure you get the correct water heater that meets the needs of your home. If you don’t get expert help, you can wind up with a water heater that is inefficient and causes you to spend even more money on hot water heater repair, and energy bills. Worse, installing the incorrect model puts your family at risk of carbon monoxide poisoning, which may spread throughout your house.

With more than 30 years of professional plumbing experience, we understand the importance of having hot water and If you’re thinking about a water heater replacement or water heater installation in Indianapolis or the surrounding area, we’re here to help! Contact our trusted team to schedule your service today.