Water quality is a big deal! Justin Dorsey Plumbing has the solution to all your water quality needs. From softeners and whole-house filters to Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water, we are your home for great water.

The Indianapolis and Hendricks County areas have varying levels of hardness and minerals in the water. As a local plumber, Justin Dorsey Plumbing are experts on solutions that improve water quality at homes in Danville, Greencastle, Brownsburg and all the areas in between.

  • Water Softeners: Hard water causes a host of problems for you and your home. With the Platinum Vortex water softener, say good-bye to calcium build-up in your sinks, toilets, faucets and bathtub or shower. Plus, you can enjoy water that doesn’t make your skin dry or hair feel like straw.
  • Reverse Osmosis: With a new RO system, you can have bottled-water-quality water at your kitchen sink and have crystal clear ice cubes in your freezer. You will no longer need to buy water, but have all the great tasting drinking water you could need right at your home or business.
  • Iron and Sulfur Filters: Do you have well water that’s making your toilets, sinks and tubs turn orange? Does your water have a “rotten egg” smell? We can help with filters specifically designed to remove iron or sulfur from your water. Imagine having clean sinks and toilets all the time. Imagine smelling as clean as it looks!
  • No Salt Conditioners: Want to protect your pipes and fixtures from hard water build up without have to purchase bags of salt? With a no-salt water conditioner, you can keep your pipes clear of scale build up, and easily clean your fixture.
  • Other Filters: We offer several other products to help with your water quality needs. These products include: sediment filters, carbon filters for removing chlorine and other filters for removing toxins like lead, heavy metals, and micro-organism.

There’s no water quality problem too big for Justin Dorsey Plumbing!

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