With Midwest weather showing no signs of cooling down any time soon, functioning spigots will continue to be essential for completing late summer tasks like watering your fall garden and power washing your driveway. Harsh weather and general wear and tear can compromise the quality of your spigot, causing malfunctions down the road. If you’re worried about the longevity of your outdoor spigot, here are signs to look for that will indicate any problems that require the attention of a professional plumber.

Dripping or leaking

Have you noticed water dripping from your spigot even when the handle is turned off? This slight annoyance can become a big problem. The smallest of wet patches can make your home a nesting spot for pests like mice, mosquitoes, ants and more. A leak can also waste gallons of water and leave you with higher water bills to pay. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, you can decrease your water bill by as much as 10% when you let your plumber fix leaky pipes, fittings, and spigots.

Abnormal water pressure and sporadic water flow

Extremely high or low water pressure accompanied with water that spews from different angles is a common sign of a spigot problem. Unusual water flow and pressure is often caused by a faulty aerator or worn-out diverter valve, which can be easily replaced by a plumber. Another problem to listen for is loud sputtering when water comes out of your spigot. This can be an indication of internal damage or a hardened rubber washer in need of replacement.

Physical damage

Your spigot can scratch or crack over time from exposure to outside elements. Sometimes the cracks are so small that they’re almost impossible to notice, so we recommend checking very carefully for even a hairline of a crack. If you notice that your spigot is chipped or physically damaged, it’s time to call your plumber for a replacement.

Elemental build-up

Rust, mold and mineral deposits are common causes of spigot problems. Rust can build up around your faucet stem over time due to the loss of your spigot’s protective coating. Beyond its unpleasant appearance, rust can risk the quality of water coming out of your spigot. If you notice a buildup of mineral deposits around or inside your spigot, it could be a sign that its internal fixtures are damaged. Relying on DIY repairs can result in mold, which will destroy your spigot and require a definite replacement. If you’re noticing any elemental issues with your spigot, be proactive and call your plumber right away to get it replaced.

Loose, squeaky handles

Spigots wear down over time. If your spigot is a little old, you might start to notice squeaking sounds every time to adjust the handle or that it feels loose. General wear-and-tear causes the threads at the stem of your spigot to wear out, which can eventually lead to water damage. Luckily, a replacement by a good plumber will solve the problem and keep your water supply clean and safe.

Is it time for a spigot replacement?

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