Homes in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas receive water through a main water line that directly connects to the city’s main water line or a private well. Since water pipes are installed underground, they can withstand years of wear and tear. However, certain internal and external conditions can cause damage that will affect your home’s water supply. Your water line is vital and has a big job to do, so it’s important to understand what can damage your water line and how to act once it happens.

What causes water line damage?

Tree Roots

Since trees need water, nutrients and minerals to live, their tree roots will grow to find them. Tree roots are naturally attracted to water and have the potential to crawl towards your water and sewer line. Unfortunately, tree roots can break water pipes and even create dams that lead to overflow.


Rodents and other small critters are known to look for steady sources of water. Depending on the location of your pipes, pests with the ability to dig can damage your water line, clog your pipes and contaminate your water supply.

Freezing and Thawing

In Indiana, where the weather can be unpredictable, colder temperatures can cause the water in your pipes to freeze. This puts pressure on the inside of your pipes that can cause bursts once they thaw. Not only is this situation messy, but it’ll leave you with broken pipes in need of repair.

Soil Disruptions

Shifting soil and soil with heavy sand concentrates cause your water lines to leak. As soil shifts, it can uproot tree roots or place more pressure on your pipes that cause line breaks or bursts. It is also possible for soil to enter your water system and cause clogs and contamination.

Wear and Tear

Natural elements eventually get to your water lines. All plumbing materials have an expiration date, so natural weather conditions cause general wear and tear over time that will require underground water line repair.

Mineral Buildup

Around 85% of homes in the U.S. prefer to use hard water. Even though hard water is a popular choice, the high calcium and magnesium makeup of hard water can get trapped in your water lines and cause clogs. As the clogs put pressure on your pipes, they will start to crack and potentially burst.

Water Pressure

High water pressure can put excess strain on your water lines. Your pipes are equipped to handle ebbs and flows of pressure, but consistent heavy pressure can cause small leaks that will eventually lead to pipe bursts.

What are the signs of water line damage?

Since almost all causes of damage cannot be easily seen when they happen, it is important to pay attention to the signs of potential problems. If you notice any of the following signs, it is important to call for professional plumbing help right away and request a water line service.

Murky or Discolored Water

If you notice rust or brown colored water, it could be due to high sediment levels in your main water line. Both colors suggest cracks in your pipes that are causing soil and dirt to enter or possible corrosion from rust.

Wet, Soggy Spots in your Yard

If your local area hasn’t experienced recent rain and you’re noticing damp or saggy spots in your yard, it’s possible that your water line is broken right underneath your feet. Severely wet spots mean that the pipe has been leaking for quite a while.

Water Pressure Decrease

There are many causes of decreased water pressure throughout your home. However, clogs in your main water line can contribute to a water pressure decrease and require a pipe repair.

Increase in Water Bills

Like a decrease in water pressure, there are many causes of increased water bills. If your recent bills have skyrocketed and there’s no clear explanation, it could be a sign of a pipe leak.

No matter the problem you’re facing, our experienced plumbers will come out and determine what service needs to be completed to fix your water line and get you back to your normal, day-to-day routine.

What repair services do we offer?

Water Line Installation

New home builds require entirely new water lines installed to get the city’s water supply. Experienced plumbers are needed to install the water line correctly and safely, ensuring your home gets the fresh water needed and that the system is intact for years and years to come.

Water Line Repair

When you notice any of the problems listed above that cause damage to your water line, it’s time to bring in a professional plumber. Repairs will need to be done quickly and effectively to avoid total replacement or other potential disasters.

Water Line Replacement

If you water line is damaged beyond repair, it’s time to pull out all the stops to keep the water flowing to your home. You’ll need a licensed and professional plumber to replace the water line.

Justin Dorsey Plumbing: Your water line experts

If you’re in need of a water line repair, replacement or installation in Indianapolis, call Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Our many years of experience and skill with water lines ensures you are getting a high-quality job. Plus, we offer emergency services and never charge extra for after-hours assistance. Contact us today to get your water line back to working order.