How can you find a plumber that’ll help you keep your home running, without nickel and diming you? Some important features to look for include:


A plumber who has been around for a year or so is most likely not as up to snuff as one who has many years of quality service under their belt. Find a plumbing company that has been serving customers in your area for a significant amount of time, as you can trust that they have the knowledge to handle whatever issues you throw their way.


You need a plumber you can trust, and not just someone who is out to make as much money as possible. In order to find a plumber that’s honest, start by asking people in your circle who they have had success with. Friends, family and co-workers can offer recommendations. You’ll also want to check out their reviews online if available.

Do your research! As with any type of service, make sure you are getting a licensed professional with references and a strong reputation. Hiring the cheapest plumber on the block could end up resulting in the need for an expert to come in and fix the job. Don’t make that mistake.

Offers Advice

A good plumber won’t charge you for advice. Certainly, work done or inspections completed won’t be free, but a simple question shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

If you have a plumbing emergency, or just need some more insight about your home’s system, call Justin Dorsey Plumbing. Our team of friendly, knowledgeable and professional technicians are standing by to provide you with honest advice, quality care and NO after-hours fees.

Want some plumber insight?

Your home’s plumbing is more delicate than you think, and many homeowners walk the fine line each day between their system running smoothly and epic, expensive disasters. Sometimes, these problems can be avoided or just need a little expert advice. And sometimes, you need to call in the big guns and get some professional help.